kalderetang baboy - 15 Similar Recipes

There are foods that just belong to each other and Banana with cream is a nice couple! This Banana S’Mores takes me way back into my childhood.

Both bananas and pineapples are tropical fruits so even if they don’t play an important role in our cuisine, they are a huge deal in Centro American countries and those in the north of South America.

Banana Graham Crumble Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 20 mins Serves: 4 When I think of crumbles, I can’t help remembering how my son used to destroy the slices of pie I packed for him. He said they broke while he was playing with his friends and even though he always promised to be […]

Well, even though Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Cuba, they do prepare some fantastic birds (mostly chicken and brush turkey) so why not taking advantage of their wisdom to give a new twist to an old American classic?

There’s nothing more delicious than sweet and sour meats and if you have never tasted some, then this Country Ham with Brown Sugar Coating recipe may be the best place to start.

I have to say, I was quite surprised when I learnt the many stuffing recipes available to prepare turkey. I just assumed the classic bread stuffing was the only way to go.

There’s a brand of vegans that eat everything raw. They say that cooking destroys important nutrients and the body ends up digesting food of poorer quality.

I spent my holidays in Greece last year and, at first, I wasn’t quite sure how to react to the food. Used to heavy stuff, I was a tad outraged that everything seemed to be salad but once I opened up a tiny bit, I realized just how good those salads really are.

I’m not a vegetarian but my boyfriend is and I have to say vegetarian cuisine is not as plain and dull as I thought it was. He adores cooking so I have the chance to enjoy meals worthy of any fancy restaurant quite often.

So you’re looking for something unique and “saucy”? Here I bring to thee this fantastic Tipsy Sweet Potatoes Recipe! I was very suspicious, at first.

It’s not hard to grow strawberries. My grandmother has two plants on her lawn and it gives lots and lots of fruits; as a matter of fact, much more than she can eat.

I was very stubborn when my friend suggested adding sprite to my apple dumplings as my friend suggested but with him breathing down my neck …

I love cooking and I am one of those people that believe eating well is a priority. Don’t work harder, work smarter and what can be smarter than keeping your body (your tool) healthy.

My brother got engaged to a cute Swedish girl and they flew back to the United States last year so we could meet her. Coincidentally-or not- it was on Halloween.

The classic cheesecake has a layer of strawberries covering the cheese and egg inner layer but we can prepare different versions of the same dessert and I think this Pumpkin Cheesecake….

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