kalderetang baboy - 15 Similar Recipes

Kids with weight issues should be guided into a proactive plan of attack with the help of their physician and parents. It is important to teach overweight children how to eat right while not limiting their food intake to the point that they are undernourished.   Children with weight issues don’t necessarily need to lose […]

Coming up with healthy food ideas your kids can enjoy in their lunches is a challenge. Nothing gets kids more excited about eating than preparing the food themselves. Involving your kids in grocery shopping can also encourage them to make healthy choices. You can then have them help you prepare the food which will make them more inclined to […]

Meal preparation takes on a whole new meaning when you’re cooking for a group of very picky critics: your children. If you’re sick of hearing the phrase “I’m hungry” over and over again while cooking dinner only for it to be followed by a quick “I don’t want this” as soon as the food hits […]

Eating a Banana Java Twinkie Supreme for breakfast will help you start the day with lots of energy and a big smile.

Last year, I went down to New Orleans with my boyfriend to enjoy the Mardi Gras carnival. There, I enjoyed my first Banana Funnel Cake.

Banana Crunch is my favorite sweet appetizer. It’s easy to make, you don’t have to mess up the entire kitchen and it’s simply delicious

Instead of preparing the whole turkey, I prepare this Orange Bourbon Turkey Breast. Never leftovers and always big satisfied smiles.

My mother-in-law shared with me this Dr. Pepper Roast Turkey- or Chicken- with Herb Bread Stuffing. I followed the instructions and it came out perfect.

I used to cook this Butter Rum Ham and Pineapple recipe at a restaurant I worked at, so its top notch quality,

We are all married but we don’t have children yet so I thought it would be a good idea to do something different with our Thank Giving turkey.

This Baked Ham, a sweet and sour gravy to season, red wine to drink and you are in for a nice taste-ride.

With some research and personal experimentation, I worked out this Quick & Easy Gourmet Onions Recipe.

I’m pretty happy for how this Sweet Spinach Salad Recipe turned out. It’s a fantastic side dish for dried meats.

We call this the New Potato Casserole Recipe because my mother prepares another casserole without bacon.

This Fresh Black-eyed Peas recipe shows a fast and easy way to make a filling and nutritious soup and I like it because it’s quite flexible.

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